Memorial Jewellery

It is always very sad when a loved one passes away and it is natural to feel comforted by being able to keep something of them close to us. It doesn't matter whether its an elderly grandparent, loved one or sleeping baby, I can help you create a beautiful keepsake to remember them by.

If you have lost someone recently time is of the essence to get their prints collected, please either yourself or The Funeral Directors contact me as soon as possible, if your local to me I can deliver the kit myself, either the directors or myself will take the prints and I will keep them safe until your ready. 

For an adult or a child over 6 months you can choose whether you would like fingerprints, handprints or footprints. For younger children or babies I recommend hand & footprints as they haven't developed well defined fingerprints yet.

Print kits are only $20, there is an extra delivery charge if I need to travel a bit further, alternatively if there is time I can express post a kit to you or the directors at an extra charge, please ring me for more details.

Once your ready and would like to order your silver keepsake charms or pendants please place your order on the website putting in postage only in the discount box at check out and the kit charge will be taken off as we already have your prints.

Please note with adult prints any writing on the back usually needs to be hand etched instead of stamped as adult prints run quite deep.

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