Little charms personalised jewellery

Frequently asked questions.

What shapes do you make?

We make heart, circle, rectangle, tear drop and whimsical heart. All charms come in Extra small (approx. 1.5cm) small (approx. 2cm), medium (approx. 2.5cm) and large (approx 3cm) However different shapes are different sizes and as these are hand fired there may be a 10% shrinkage. If you need a certain size confirming just email me.

What are the charms made of?

They are made of pure silver with a sterling silver jump ring attached.

Are items hallmarked?

No as they all fall below the weight.

How long do I have to return my order form and kit?

We ask to please return within two months.

Is it easy to take a print?

Yes! All kits will be sent out with an instruction sheet, order form and pre paid return envelope. A copy of the instructions are also on our website.

How long will my item take?

Kits will be sent out within two days of placing your order, when received back it will normally be posted within 3 weeks. There are exceptions to this at busy times eg Christmas.If you have a date you need it by please let us know and we will do our best to help.