Fingerprint Instruction sheet

Little Charms Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint mould instructions.

Taking a fingerprint mould is simple to do. Ensure hands are clean and nails are trimmed short and that everyone is ready to take the casting as it will dry out quite quickly. If you have a very small child it may be easier to take it when they are asleep. Please note children under 6 months do not always have well defined fingerprints yet with a lot of detail.

You will have received two bags, one filled with white moulding compound and the other blue, there will be enough to have two attempts.

  • Take an even amount of mould from the white & blue bag and knead together until they are thoroughly mixed with no marbling.
  • Roll into a little ball.
  • Press the finger deep into the ball without going all the way through.
  • Remove the finger and you should see their fingerprint.
  • If you're not happy repeat the first three steps quickly as it could start to set.
  • Leave the mould to set for 20 minutes..
  • Put the mould (s) into the bags provided and write their name on.
  • Post back in the pre paid envelope provided with your order form.


Voila! You have taken your fingerprint which will now be turned into your bespoke piece of jewellery.