Hand/footprint and paw print instruction sheet

 Little Charms inkless kit instruction sheet.

 Inkless kits can be used for hand, foot or paw prints. Please make sure hands, feet and paws are clean and paws are trimmed from hair. Don't open the wipe until you are completely ready, the wipe will seem dry to touch, it can be folded and used again for more prints but will run out quite quickly out of the packet. When taking small children or babies prints it might be easier when they are sleeping.

  • Place white paper on the table or floor with the shiny side of the paper upwards.
  • Take out your inkless wipe when you are ready to use it. Wipe the hand, foot or paw making sure you get into all the creases.
  • Place the foot (rolling it heel to toe) hand and paw print on the paper trying not to move it as it can smudge, when you lift off you will see the print developing. If you do smudge don't worry we can take that off for you without altering the print. You can take multiple prints all over the paper and we will choose the best one. If there is a print you prefer please write it on the paper next to it.
  • After using the inkless wipe please clean the hand, foot or paw, the wipes are non-toxic.
  • Leave to dry for a few minutes and post back to us with your order form in the pre-paid envelope provided or scan your print and order form in j-peg format to littlecharmsjewellery@yahoo.com


Once received back we can then start making your bespoke piece of jewellery.